Details: Magnetic Eraser

Magnetic Eraser

Design by MessageStor

Simplicity + Functionality:

Sometimes small tweaks can provide enormous benefits.

I got a white board because I like being able to jot down useful thoughts as they pop up. This is particularly useful because my mind tends to work tangentially; I’ll often think of something interesting but irrelevant that has to be saved for later.

I bought the particular board from Messagestor because I was intrigued by its claim that the marker ledge can double as a document clip. I was skeptical of the benefit because it sounded like I’d be losing one functionality for another, but I wanted to try it out anyways.

Thankfully I was wrong. Two of the four markers have magnetic casing and the last two slot into an eraser with a magnetic base. This frees up the marker ledge for its alternate function.

I adore this little detail because it was common in my school department for erasers to be missing or found on the floor. In addition, my school job of student technician entailed white board maintenance and I’d carry surplus erasers (for white and black boards) in my rounds through the school. Unfortunately, this probably wouldn’t help with the school’s problem because no amount of magnetism will make up for student negligence.

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