Dialogue: Succinct or Vague?

Bookmark, reload, and cancel.

Symbolism is increasingly important in the Information Age. It’s a universal form of … [ Read More ]

Ideas: Emotive Medicine

What if you peeled a pill like an onion?

I’ve got a secret to share. I was never very good at taking my vitamins. My mom was adamant about taking them daily and got… [ Read More ]

Ideas: Conveying Body Language

Hiroshi Ishiguro's R1 Telenoid

How can we transmit nonverbal communication without entering the uncanny valley? [ Read More ]

Insight: How Noise Influences Taste

Yet another way for airlines to take your money

Here is an interesting BBC article about a study where… [ Read More ]

Details: Magnetic Eraser

Magnetic Eraser

Sometimes small tweaks can provide enormous benefits.
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Play: Stealing the Mens’ Room

Bypass the long lines

I came across this on a twitpic posting by Post Secret.
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Retrospect: Design Dystopia

Beneath a Steel Sky

Good dystopian stories push the reader to reflect on parallels between fiction and reality …
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Play: Stitch Lamp

LampGustaf Stitch Lamp

LampGustaf has created a product where the digital community is just as important as the object itself.
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